Complete Rationalization: The Second Step

BeyondRepro’s three step service approach digitizes, rationalizes and content-enables stored paper archives by:

The second step in the process is the complete rationalization of digitized documents.


Complete Rationalization consists of the steps necessary to translate digitized document information into understanding.

BeyondRepro rationalizes your scanned documents, meaning we help you make sense out of them. The key to BeyondRepro’s ability to do this is its license to use BeyondRecognition visual classification technology. This technology enables BeyondRepro to programmatically identify logical document boundaries, i.e., where documents start, on documents it scans as well as on previously scanned collections, with a consistency and accuracy shown to exceed that of manually-assigned document breaks. BeyondRepro also clusters visually-similar documents, even those with no associated text, so that decisions pertaining to all documents in the cluster can be made based on examining just a few members of the cluster.

BeyondRecognition is the only technology that can identify visually-indistinguishable documents, i.e., to deduplicate scanned documents, and to match scanned copies up with native files, e.g., the Word or PDF documents used to print the paper copies. As such it is uniquely able to minimize the number of documents that have to be maintained digitally post scanning.

Complete Rationalization Phases

  1. Normalization of Documents

  2. Clustering of Documents

  3. Rationalization of Documents

Upon completion of the complete rationalization of digitized documents, BeyondRepro then begins to content-enable the digitized and rationalized documents.

BeyondRepro is a reprographics service company that leverages advanced visual classification technology from BeyondRecognition to digitize, rationalize and content-enable the information held in paper archives.

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