Advanced Digitization: The First Step

BeyondRepro’s three step service approach digitizes, rationalizes and content-enables stored paper archives by:

The first step in the process is advanced digitalization of paper documents.


Advanced Digitization consists of the steps necessary to move paper documents out of boxes and organizational paper silos into a consolidated electronic repository.  During this initial step BeyondRepro digitizes or scans your paper documents using high-speed digital scanners, either on site on your premises or at our own high-volume conversion facilities. BeyondRepro’s unique Document Factory pricing model offers clients the ability to pay for back file conversion out of the budget formerly used for just ongoing scanning operations. BeyondRepro can offer the Document Factory model because its licensing arrangement with BeyondRecognition enables it to perform better quality scanning with far less labor than traditional scanning vendors while also rationalizing and content-enabling the documents. BeyondRepro can digitize micrographics as well as paper documents.

Advanced Digitization Phases

  1. Client Assessment

  2. Establishment of Document Factory

  3. Digitization of Paper Documents

Upon completion of the advanced digitization of paper documents, BeyondRepro then begins to rationalize the digitized documents.

BeyondRepro is a reprographics service company that leverages advanced visual classification technology from BeyondRecognition to digitize, rationalize and content-enable the information held in paper archives.

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