Full Content Enablement: The Third Step

BeyondRepro’s three step service approach digitizes, rationalizes and content-enables stored paper archives by:

The third step in the process is the full content-enablement of digitized and rationalized documents.


Full Content Enablement allows digitized and rationalized documents to be efficiently searched.

BeyondRepro helps you understand the contents of your documents and provides multiple ways for you to find them. Understanding the contents begins by reviewing one or two documents per cluster of visually-similar documents to make the threshold determination of whether the documents in the cluster need to be retained as “records.” Users then apply a document-type label to record clusters using a user-definable document-type taxonomy, and use a graphical interface to indicate which attributes or fields should be extracted from the documents in the cluster. All decisions are persistent, meaning they will apply to all documents added to the cluster during later processing.

BeyondRecognition’s unique glyph (or graphical element) catalog enables users to perform single-keystroke text editing as opposed to the repetitive, serial editing required of other character conversion technology. BeyondRepro output can be delivered in virtually any format required by the client, including image-over text with embedded metadata or attribute information. Versions of the output can be created using BeyondRedaction that can apply redactions for PII or other sensitive data to both text and image versions.

The intellectual capital invested in classifying and attributing documents can be carried forward into the BeyondRecognition processing of other classes of content (e.g., remediating file shares or SharePoint, or ECM migration). The more content that is processed the more efficient the process is.

Full Content-Enablement Phases

  1. Document Type Classification

  2. Data/Metadata Coding

  3. Glyph Recognized Text

Upon completion of the full content-enablement of digitized and rationalized documents, BeyondRepro will have effectively increased the value of original paper documents by making them available, understandable and searchable.

BeyondRepro is a reprographics service company that leverages advanced visual classification technology from BeyondRecognition to digitize, rationalize and content-enable the information held in paper archives.

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