BeyondRepro is a reprographics service company that leverages advanced visual classification technology from BeyondRecognition to digitize, rationalize and content-enable the information held in paper archives.

Three things we can do for your paper documents immediately:


Move paper documents out of boxes and paper silos and into a consolidated electronic repository to increase content accessibility.

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Translate all digitized document information into an organized and understandable structure for efficient management and use.

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Content-Enable all documents adding classifications, text layers and extracted attributes for effective and efficient search.

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BeyondRepro services are enabled by BeyondRecognition’s visual classification technology. This technology empowers data management, analysis and governance tasks as it automates the collection, reduction, classification and governance of large volumes of documents in any file structure, format or type.

Nine immediate benefits of the BeyondRepro service approach :

Save Time

  • Decreased time for document preparation and digitization.

  • Decreased time for manual classification or coding.

  • Decreased time to find documents

Save Storage

  • Decreased storage required based on document separation and unitization technology.

  • Decreased hard copy storage space based on elimination of paper archives.

  • Decreased electronic storage of digitized copies based on deduplication of all formats and types of documents.

Save Money

  • Decreased cost based on-all inclusive digitization, classification, attribution and glyph conversion process.

  • Less time spent by knowledge workers trying to find content.

  • Lower legal review bills as a result of successful and defensible remediation.

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